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Why attend?

Why attend?

The idea of providing a concentration of mobility services at one place is emerging as a way of creating sustainable public transport systems.


When reimagined as mobility hubs, car parks are no longer just places to store vehicles. Instead they become positive places that offer co-located services such as electric vehicle (EV) charging and shared mobility services.


Mobility hubs also represent the next step in the evolution of park & ride services, which will become genuine interchanges where people can switch from private cars to buses, trains, cycles and walking.


EV hubs offer drivers access to chargepoints in car parks at destinations such as shopping centres or in service area style facilities on major roads. The parallel emergence of service hubs is seeing other car parks acting as bases for logistics services and a range of activities such as ‘dark kitchens’ and ‘dark stores’.


This one-day conference will see speakers and expert panels explore the design, implementation and operation of mobility, EV and service hubs.

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Themes for discussion include...

  • Planning mobility hubs

  • Developing service hubs 

  • Mobility hub design

  • Making space for hubs in car parks

  • Rethinking park & ride schemes

  • Creating kerbside hubs

  • Connecting with public transport

  • Providing EV charging

  • Hosting shared transport services

  • Linking into active travel schemes

  • Hub operation

  • Hosting click & collect services

  • Last-mile delivery schemes

  • Scheme accreditation

Who you will meet
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Who you will meet

  • Car park operators

  • Local authorities 

  • Property companies

  • Car club operators

  • Micro-mobility specialists

  • Logistics companies

  • EV charging providers

  • Consultants

  • Architects

  • Facility managers

  • Public transport operators

  • Retailers

  • Construction and refurbishment contractors

  • App developers

  • Technology providers

The programme

Conference programme

Please note that the agenda is currently being programmed.


If you are interested in speaking or taking part in a panel contact Mark Moran at:

To download the 2023 presentations click here



Registration opens, and Tea & Coffee served in the exhibition area


Session 1: Mobility hubs - Connecting the pieces

Mobility hubs are a concept that has been embraced by local authorities, public transport operators, shared mobility service providers and car park operators alike. The opening session takes a look at how transport policy, travel demand, land use planning and business trends are intersecting.

Chair: Simon Lusby, technical director, head of transport & sustainability, City Science


Making a business case for mobility hubs

Trevor Brennan, project lead, England’s Economic Heartland 

Mobility hubs and liveable neighbourhoods

Grace Solsby, principal consultant, City Science


How mobility hubs enable accessibility

Olga Anapryenka, principal consultant, new mobility, Steer 

The importance of first-mile solutions

Julian Scriven, managing director, Brompton Bike Hire



Morning break: Tea & Coffee served in the exhibition area


Session 2: Planning mobility hubs

A look at the planning aspects of developing mobility and service hubs. This session will explore how these interchange facilities are inspiring new ways of thinking about connecting more sustainable travel options with an improved urban realm.


Chair: John Dales, director, Urban Movement

Mobility hubs and transport decarbonisation

Mark Selby, director, Project Beyond Consortium 


Data issues around a methodology for identifying where potential mobility hubs should be located: lessons from a project funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport

John Austin, researcher and working partner, University of Plymouth

Planning a mobility hub from scratch

Lucy Farmer, assistant transport planner, and Freddie Lewis, graduate transport planner, Stantec


Mobility hubs as part of an urban expansion

David Knight, director, transport planning, Norman Rourke Pryme



Lunch break: Refreshments served in the exhibition area


Session 3: Let's build a mobility hub!

An expert look at the design and construction challenges associated developing mobility hubs.


Chair: Mark Moran, editor, Parking Review & EVolution Magazine

Investing in mobility hubs: A developer’s perspective 

Matt Griffiths-Rimmer, director of communications and partnerships, Hadley Property Group


Repurposing car parks as mobility hubs

Dan Gullock, architect, director, Fatkin


From Car Park to Mobility Hub

Markus Lauble, managing director, HUBER Car Park Systems


Creating a kerbside hub

Habib Khan, founder & director, Meristem Design




Session 4: Things to do at a mobility hub

Mobility hubs are locations where a range of services can be provided, including electric vehicle charging, cafés, retail units, food stalls and click & collect.


Chair: Peter Ramsey, technical director, future mobility, WSP

Mobility hub classification and accreditation 

Matthew Ledbury, senior policy and advocacy officer, CoMoUK 


Mobility hubs: A new role for petrol stations and motorway service areas

Kris Beuret, director, Social Research Associates

How drivers spend their time while they are charging: why you need a mix of rapid and slower EV charging to benefit local shops and outlets

James Cowan, head of sales, Compleo Charging Solutions UK




Session 5: Debate - A connected space that is at your service

The final debate looks at mobility and service hubs will evolve. For example, as well as acting as mobility interchanges, car parks are being repositioned as locations for last-mile delivery hubs, electric vehicle charging, self-storage lockers and ‘dark kitchens’.

The panel will draw on speakers from the day and some special guests.




Close of conference

Published programme subject to change


Speaker biographies

Please note that the agenda is currently being programmed. Updates to follow.

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Mark Moran

Event Programmer
& Editor, Parking Review

Mark Moran is the editor of Parking Review magazine and programmer of Mobility Hubs.


Mark has been the editor of Parking Review magazine since its launch in 1989. Besides the magazine, he launched and organises the annual British Parking Awards and a number of other regular events.

In parallel to writing about traffic and parking, Mark is also a contributing editor to LTT, curates the Transport Responds bulletin and launched EVolution, a new digital magazine covering the emerging worlds of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and shared mobility.


Markus Lauble

Managing Director

HUBER Car Park Systems

Markus is a managing director of HUBER car park systems UK Ltd. Following a degree in civil engineering, Markus has worked in the car parking sector for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he has covered different roles in various international work environments. This unique experience has allowed Markus to accumulate an all-round, intricate know-how of both the design and build of systemised multi storey car parks. Markus is head of our project development and sales team.


Habib Khan.jpg

Habib Khan

Founder and Director,
Meristem Design

Habib is one of the founders of Meristem Design, an award-winning urban landscape design company with horticulture at its heart and on a mission to turn the urban grey, green. After graduating as an RICS Surveyor he decided to switch career to only working with organisations with environmental aims of helping to combat climate change.


In the past 20 years he has played an instrumental role in some of London's landmark schemes such as City Car Club and launching the UK's first Bike Sharing  Scheme in 2005 and the on-street Bike Hangar concept.

Habib helped to launch Meristem Design as he believes the success of our urban living lies in the benefits of green infrastructure, we need to be surrounded by plants, trees and we need to reconnect with nature at all levels.

John M Austin - photo.jpeg

John Austin,

Researcher and Working Partner

University of Plymouth


David Knight

David Knight
Director - Transport Planning
Norman Rourke Pryme

David is a Chartered Transport Planner who has over 30 years’ experience in development transport planning working on major residential, education, health, commercial and leisure projects for private and public sector clients . He is an expert in sustainable transport policy and initiatives and is currently completing a PhD at Loughborough University, studying Transport Planning in large scale housing developments with a focus on Sustainable Accessibility. He is a CIHT Technical Champion and has led transport related training courses on Transport Assessment and Travel Demand Management/Travel Plans.


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