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Creating connected spaces

Mobility hubs are spaces where public, shared and active travel modes are co-located alongside improvements to the public realm. They enable travellers to make smooth and safe transfers between different modes, swapping private cars for shared vehicles, bikes, buses, trains, scooters or walking.


The annual Mobility Hubs conference has now become an eagerly anticipated date on the calendar of the transport and planning sector.

The third annual Mobility Hubs conference sees speakers and expert panels explore the design, implementation and operation of mobility, EV and service hubs. The day will draw on real world experience and showcase best practice from around the UK and internationally.

Image: CoMoUK

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Image: Michael Foseurt/Unsplash

Key themes

The event will explore themes such as:​

Interactive interchanges:

When reimagined as mobility hubs, locations such as car parks, park & ride sites, rail stations and bus stops are no longer just somewhere to store vehicles. Instead they become genuine local transport interchanges which serve, and help build, local communities.

Green transport:

The provision of electric vehicle (EV) charging points at mobility hubs, along with docking stations for e-bikes and e-scooters, is helping support the transition to zero-emission travel.

Serving communities:

Mobility hubs are connected spaces in which to provide click & collect lockers, local information boards and imaginatively designed seating areas and cafés to act as meeting places… so becoming community hubs.

Supporting business:

In parallel to mobility hubs, we are seeing the emergence of service hubs in locations such as underused car parks being transformed into logistics bases for last-mile delivery services, click & collect locations and homes to dark kitchens and dark stores.

Showcasing innovations defining the sector

Mobility Hubs 2024 provides your company with the perfect opportunity to carefully target the marketing of your products and services to those within the smart city planning, active travel, intelligent mobility and parking sectors.

Senior parking managers, transport planners, and urban professionals attend this industry leading conference and exhibition to learn about new technologies, discover new services and source suppliers.

Book now! 

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Image: Chistina Spinnen/Unsplash

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