Welcome to Mobility Hubs 2022


The idea of providing a concentration of mobility services at one place is emerging as a way of creating sustainable public transport systems.


When reimagined as mobility hubs, car parks are no longer just places to store vehicles. Instead they become positive places that offer co-located services such as electric vehicle (EV) charging and shared mobility services.


Mobility hubs also represent the next step in the evolution of park & ride services, which will become genuine interchanges where people can switch from private cars to buses, trains, cycles and walking.


EV hubs offer drivers access to chargepoints in car parks at destinations such as shopping centres or in service area style facilities on major roads. The parallel emergence of service hubs is seeing other car parks acting as bases for logistics services and a range of activities such as ‘dark kitchens’ and ‘dark stores’.


This one-day conference will see speakers and expert panels explore the design, implementation and operation of mobility, EV and service hubs.

Mobility Hub Concept by Sandag
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Key themes

The Mobility Hubs 2022 conference will address themes such as:

  • Planning & operating mobility hubs

  • Developing service hubs 

  • Policy and planning

  • Mobility hub design

  • Financing schemes

  • Revenue streams

  • Click & collect services

  • Last-mile delivery

  • Providing EV charging

  • Rethinking park & ride schemes

  • Kerbside hubs

Who should attend

  • Car park operators

  • Local authorities 

  • Property companies

  • Car club operators

  • Micro-mobility specialists

  • Logistics companies

  • EV charging providers

  • Consultants

  • Architects

Showcasing innovations defining the sector

Mobility Hubs 2022 provides your company with the perfect opportunity to carefully target the marketing of your products and services to those within the smart city planning, active travel, intelligent mobility and parking sectors.

Senior parking managers, transport planners, and urban professionals attend this industry leading conference and exhibition to learn about new technologies, discover new services and source suppliers.

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